Energy Clearing & Chakra Balancing for July!

Back by popular demand, Iajahnni is offering mini energy clearing sessions every Sunday in July! In these 10 minute sessions : -Remove etheric cords from you that drain your energy -Strengthen your protective shields and return negative energy ‘back to sender’ -Clear and repair your inner and outer aura -Open and Balance the meridian system and major and minor chakras -Open and Balance the Masculine and Feminine energy channels -Reconnect you with the Heart of the Earth and Heart of the Universe -Remove harmful entity attachments or implants -Reset your energy field to encourage greater health and well being. Mini sessions are a great energetic tune up for anyone who is empathic, experiencing a lot of negativity in their lives, wants to support their personal healing or who just want to relax and feel better. See you Sunday! Fee: $5 cash only please Registration: Walk In or Call to register by calling the shoppe at 270-495-4101


july chakra balancing

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